Bioinformatics Research Group (BIRG) FBB UTM focuses on delivering visualisation capabilities to biodiversity researchers in Malaysia.   Here are some online biodiversity informatics mapping system examples. Interactive visualization provides an effective way of presenting large amounts of complex information to a wide audience, especially those with no experience of GIS or mapping, as it provides the user with visual cues that are more intuitive than those of a conventional map. It is a scalable database that provides variable and adaptable feature modification for its users. It is also designed to incorporate different layers of knowledge to allow selective viewing to protect sensitive indigenous biodiversity data. The use of spatial information will enable researcher to analyze ecological trends behavior. The database is also accessible via the web for easy data population and curation.

GIS Monitoring System for Veterinary Services was developed by BIRG for Department of Veterinary Services Johor to help the staffs to easily record their data regarding their services in Johor state.

The Mersing map was developed for Marine Ecosystem Reseach Centre UKM (EKOMAR) to help biodiversity researchers to easily view local maps, conduct biodiversity survey , mapping and species richness assessment for Mersing and the East Coast of Johor.

The mangrove map of Langkawi was developed for Dr Wan Juliana of UKM  to assist biodiversity researchers to easily view local maps and thematic data for mangrove forests in Langkawi

The water catchment area map of Negeri Sembilan was developed for managing and visualizing the hydrology data. It is a proof of concept on how the hydrologic data can be manipulated. Hydrologic features such as basin, watershed and water catchment were created using ArcHydro tools.
Marine Biodiversity of Langkawi is a marine digital map with bathymetry data to allow easy depiction of marine biodiversity along the coast of Langkawi island..

Customary Medicinal Knowledgebase (CMKb) is an online relational database for collating, disseminating, visualising and analysing initially public domain data on customary medicinal plants. The database stores information related to taxonomy, phytochemistry, biogeography, biological activities of customary medicinal plant species as well as images of individual species. Known bioactive molecules are characterized within the chemoinformatics module of CMKb, with functions available for molecular editing and visualization. CMKb is found here

This project maps all the species found in CMKb on the map of Australia to allow visualization of spatial distribution of each species

The Global Diversity Foundation promotes the richness of local cultures and their environments around the world.

This project maps the conservation area where GDF actively participates with local community in the Crocker Range area to document their traditional knowledge of the area.

This is a digital Sabah Topography map.
The mangrove map of Pulau Pangkor was developed for Dr Wan Juliana of UKM  to assist biodiversity researchers to easily view local maps and thematic data for mangrove forests in Pulau Pangkor.